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Hay muchos puestos de comida en Rusia

diciembre 27, 2009

Hay muchos puestos de comida en Rusia y a la gente le encanta comer afuera aunque es 15 bajo 0.

모스크바 민박

diciembre 16, 2009




Harry Potter in Russian

diciembre 3, 2009

Below is a photo of a Harry Potter book in Russian. The Russian alphabet has no “h” so the letter “g” is used instead. Words such as “hamburger” in Russian are pronounced “gamburger” Harry Potter is pronounced “Garry Potter,” Harvard is Garvard, etc. The Hermitage in Russian, is called the Ermitage. Russians also roll their r’s. They also eat a lot of cabbage such as the cabbage kimchi is made from but their cabbage is not spicy at all.

St Petersburg, Russia

diciembre 3, 2009

Korean restaurant in St Petersburg, Russia

diciembre 2, 2009

Shilla Restaurant
6 nab reki Moyki
St Petersburg, Russia
Санкт-Петербург, наб. реки Мойки, 6

There are several Korean restaurants in St Petersburg but Shilla is the most central (less than a ten minute walk from the Hermitage). They offer lunch specials for 200 rubles and their prices for dinner are also reasonable. The owner came to St Petersburg from Seoul, fifteen years ago to study music at the Conservatory.

Below is a photo of the japchae lunch which is about 200 rubles.

St Petersburg, Russia

noviembre 30, 2009

Below is a photo of the Church of the Spilled Blood. It was more impressive to me than St Basil’s in Moscow because St Basil’s is in front of Red Square which is huge, so in comparison, the church seemed very small.

Korean language audio guide at the Hermitage but no Korean art

noviembre 30, 2009

A few months ago I read in Korean newspapers that the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, Russia now offers a Korean language guide and that Korean is the only Asian language audio guide offered at that museum. While it’s true there’s no Chinese or Japanese language guide, there are rooms of Chinese and Japanese art at that museum and I didn’t even see one Korean work. If Korean Air really wants to spread Korean culture throughout the world, perhaps they could donate some Korean art pieces to the Hermitage or if they already have some ensure that they are displayed. Simply offering audio guides in Korean does nothing to expose non Koreans to Korean culture; it only makes other cultures more accessible to Koreans which is a worthy goal but exposing non Koreans to Koreans to Korean culture is also important.

Below is a photo showing that the Hermitage offers a Korean language audio guide

Ivolginsk Datsan, Russia

noviembre 24, 2009

Templo al estilo coreano/ Korean style temple

Ulan Ude, Russia

noviembre 24, 2009

Comida mongoliana – a mi pensar este plato es muy parecido a comida coreana

Lake Baikal

noviembre 24, 2009