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Fotos de Jeollanam, Corea

julio 4, 2010

천 (cheon) – mil – thousand / Unjusa donde se filmaron Chuno

febrero 14, 2010

천 (cheon) significa mil. Se fiilmaron algunas escenas de Chuno en Unjusa y abajo puedes ver mis fotos.

Unjusa es conocido por tener mil estatuas de buda y mil pagodas aunque actualmente solo hay 21 pagodas y 91 budas.

En 2009 se transimitió una telenovela llamada Cheon Chu Tae Hoo o sea La emperadora de mil años, tambien conocida como The Iron Empress (la emperadora de hierro).  Se trata de una emperadora en la dinastia Goryo. 




Excellent eye doctors at Balgeun Eye Clinic 21, Gwangju

febrero 7, 2010

I had a problem with my contact lens and received excellent care from an eye doctor at Balgeun Eye Clinic 21. I highly recommend them for all your eye care needs; they have many doctors who speak English. They are across from Shinsegae in Gwangju. Their phone number is (062)364-0080.

Gwangju Homestay Program

febrero 2, 2010

If you are visiting or living in Gwangju, staying with a host family is an excellent way to learn more about Korean culture and improve your Korean. Homestays are available for short or long term periods. For more information, contact the Gwangju International Center.

La casa de Gu Jun-pyo en Boys Over Flowers

enero 23, 2010

En Boys Over Flowers la casa de Gu Jun-pyo es el Damyang Dynasty Country Club. Abajo están mis fotos.

Slippery pedestrian bridges in Gwangju

diciembre 26, 2009

Several days after it stopped snowing, the pedestrian bridges in Gwangju still weren’t cleared. Several friends have mentioned to me that it must be because Korea is not used to snow so when it does snow, they have no idea what to do and do not have salt or sand on hand to melt the snow quickly so that sidewalks, etc do not become slippery. However, from talking to Koreans, snow is not a rare occurance in Gwangju so I don’t understand why sidewalks, pedestrian bridges, etc aren’t better maintained. Perhaps like some cities in the US, Gwangju is also facing budget problems and as such doesn’t have the money to maintain public areas?

Volunteer Opportunities in Gwangju

diciembre 24, 2009

Volunteer opportunites in Gwangju

1. Sung Bin Orphanage – Volunteer on Sat from 1:30-3 PM

Long term volunteers who can volunteer two Sat. a month are preferred.

It seems like a good organization and I am thinking about volunteering with them; however, when I asked about volunteering during the week, the guy said that it would be better to volunteer on Saturdays at first and then maybe in March switch to volunteering during the week. However, usually on the weekends I like to go hiking or snowboarding and whle I would like to volunteer it would be preferable to volunteer in the morning, so that I could still do my activities. It seems to be good for people who like to sleep in on the weekend though. So I will probably continue looking for other places to volunteer during the week and will then post them. I’m a bit curious to know what life is like for the orphans and was told that during the week they’re usually busy and I had assumed was because they were busy working but it is because they are lessons such as tae kwon do or music, etc lessons. I was quite surprised to hear that as previously I had volunteered with children in Mexico and they were from poor families and when not in school, mostly they were working and many time they could not go to school because they had to earn a living. So it was encouraging to find out that although the orphans have a difficult life, they’re not forced to work and can attend school and after school activities.

2. Gwangju News Magazine


Gwangju International Center needs volunteers to mail out Gwangju News once a month.

Nagan Folk Village – dónde se filmaron Dae Jang Geum

diciembre 21, 2009

Abajo están mis fotos del Nagan Folk Village dónde se filmaron Dae Jang Geum

Fotos de Damyang – dónde se filmaron Iljimae

diciembre 21, 2009

Abajo están mis fotos de Damyang, dónde se filmaron Iljimae. Damyang es un pueblo pequeño y es conocido como la capital del bambú.

대통밥 daetong bap

diciembre 21, 2009

대통밥 daetong bap es arroz cocido dentro del bambu. Cuesta por lo general 10,000 won o menos de 10 dolares. Viene con mucho ban chan y tambien sopa, pescado, cerdo. Realmente para una persona es demasiado comida y si llevas la comidas hasta puede comer una o dos veces mas.