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Christmas is a busy shopping day in Korea

diciembre 25, 2009

Christmas is a busy shopping day in Korea

Unlike in countries such as the US where many major stores are closed on Christmas, in Korea, it is a busy shopping day.

Navidad en Shinsegae

diciembre 23, 2009

Muchas veces las tiendas departamentales tienen actividades para Navidad, Chuseok (Dia de la Gracia en Corea), etc. En Shinsegae hay cantantes, musica, dan cafe gratis y aparte hay muchos sorteos. Tambien me dieron esto gratis aunque la verdad es que la gente no hacia fila sino andaban empujando mucho.

No shower curtains and only hand towels in Korea

diciembre 19, 2009

In Korea, most families will only use hand towels even for showers rather than big bath towels. Although I’m not sure why this is and Koreans I asked about it weren’t aware that in other countries such as the US, people have small hand towels for drying hands and big bath towels for showers. However, it is fairly practical as it is much cheaper to buy only small hand towels rather than big bath towels. Also it saves a lot of space especially if you are backpacking to only pack a small hand towel. There are also no shower curtains so when you shower, water goes all over the floor which you do not wipe up. Instead there are flip flops that you put on in the bathroom to avoid slipping. This also seems to be a cost saving measure although one might think that leaving water all over the place might cause mold. However, if you stay at an expensive business hotel, there you will find big bath towels and shower curtains but not at Korean style motels.

Departments stores in Korea

diciembre 18, 2009

There are no departments stores such as Macys in Korea, what exists are stores such as Lotte, Shinsegae, Galleria, etc but inside are many small stores. For instance, in the sportswear section there is North Face, K2, etc but they are all separate stores so it is not easy to compare for instance a backpack from North Face to one from K2 as they don’t really like you to leave their store without paying for the merchandise even though you are staying within the Shinsegae store and on the same floor, only moving to a different brand. Within each small store, there are at least two employees so if we compare to a store such as Macys in the US where there may only be five employees on the entire floor, in Korea, on a floor there could very well be over fifty employees. It would seem to be more customer friendly to have a few registers for each floor rather than stores within stores because if you want to purchase five items and they are each from separate stores you need to pay five times and also it is not easy to compare jeans from one department to jeans from other.