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Used cell phones in Jeonju 선 불 폰 (prepaid phone)

diciembre 8, 2009

From the intercity bus terminal, turn left and walk until a few stores before the intersection, on the left, there is a store that sells used prepaid cell phones. There is a sign out front that says 선 불 폰.

산 (san) – montaña – mountain / Maisan

julio 9, 2009

산 (san) significa montaña.  Una montaña famosa es Maisan que significa montaña oreja de caballo.  En la telenovela Cinderella Man el amigo de Oh Daesan se llama Maisan y le pusieron ese nombre por esa montaña. Maisan se ubica en la provincia Jeollabuk.

산 (san) means mountain. A famous mountain is Maisan which means horse ear mountain. In the drama Cinderella Man, the friend of Oh Daesan is Maisan and they named him after that mountain. Maisan is in Jeollabuk province.