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Korean restaurants in Moscow

diciembre 16, 2009

There are many Korean restaurants in Moscow.

In the Salyut Hotel, there are several including

Leninsky Prospect 158

They have two lunch specials for 300 rubles on weekdays and the specials rotate daily. They also have a buffet on Sat from 12-16 for 450 rubles

In the Korston hotel there are also several including Shilla which has lunch specials for 300 rubles. 300 Meters to the right of the Korston hotel is Seoul Restaurant which also has excellent food but no lunch specials.

The below photos are from food ordered at Shilla from the regular menu and cost about 650 rubles.

ddeok galbi 떡 갈비

diciembre 10, 2009

A few blocks from Seongjeong-ri subway station in Gwangju is Ddeokgalbi street. There are many restaurants on that streeet that sell ddeok kalbi for about 10,000 won. You can also try ddeok kalbi in Damyang but it is more expensive there, around 15,000 or 20,000 won.

Korean restaurants in Buenos Aires, Argentina/ Restorantes coreanos en Buenos Aires

diciembre 3, 2009

1. Bi Won
Junín 548
Tel: 4372-1146

2. Sinko
Av. Rivadavia 7728

3. Young Bin Kwan
Av. Carabobo 1554

Por supuesto hay otros sobre todo en el barrio coreano cerca de Castañares y Carabobo. Para nada recomiendo el restorante Keum Kang San en Belgrano. No sé si los dueños son coreanos o no pero no dan nada de banchan, y tampoco kimchi gratis. Si quieres kimchi, tienes que pagar y además cuando fui una vez me pareció muy caro y aparte salí con hambre.

Korean restaurant in St Petersburg, Russia

diciembre 2, 2009

Shilla Restaurant
6 nab reki Moyki
St Petersburg, Russia
Санкт-Петербург, наб. реки Мойки, 6

There are several Korean restaurants in St Petersburg but Shilla is the most central (less than a ten minute walk from the Hermitage). They offer lunch specials for 200 rubles and their prices for dinner are also reasonable. The owner came to St Petersburg from Seoul, fifteen years ago to study music at the Conservatory.

Below is a photo of the japchae lunch which is about 200 rubles.