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Naver music player Part 2

diciembre 22, 2009

Previously I wrote about the Naver music player and that outside of Korea, I couldn’t listen to songs because it wouldn’t download the entire song and so it would stop after about a minute and then start from the beginning again. However, even in Korea I am experiencing the same behavior so I now suspect that although they have many songs you can only listen to part of the song and if you want to listen to the entire song, you have to buy the song. This is unfortunate because some non Korean sites allow you to listen to the entire song for free. If you use a Korean computer, the Naver music player looks much better as words that appear as boxes or broken characters on a non Korean computer even with Korean language pack installed, appear correctly on Korean computers. Also while in Korean I am able to watch Naver music videos which I couldn’t do outside Korea.

Naver music player

noviembre 20, 2009

I installed the Naver Music Player to listen to some Korean songs. The player seems designed only for people with a very fast internet connection which of course is not an issue in South Korea. However, for people living outside of South Korea even for ones with a fast internet connection and especially for people for slow internet connections, we are unable to listen to music because it isn’t fully downloaded when we try to listen to it. While playing the song, the black line indicates, how much has downloaded and once the play button arrives at the black line, then it returns to the beginning of the song, where it starts downloading it again. On non Korean sites if you have a slow internet connection and want to listen to music, you can press the pause button and wait for the entire song to have downloaded and then play it. However, with the Naver music player, if you press pause it doesn’t continue downloading so there is no way to wait say five minutes or ten or twenty and then listen to the song. Furthermore, even for people with the Korean language pack installed, if you are an English version of IE or Windows, then the artist name and album name appear as gibberish.