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I was rejected by Geumgang University’s Korean language program

enero 14, 2010

A while ago I applied to Geumgang’s Korean language program where you can study Korean for free and they provide dorm housing at no cost as well. I recently found out that I wasn’t accepted to the program. Although they reviewed my application several times, this year they received many more applications than usual. They also take into consideration the country a person is from so if you are from a smaller country where there may not be many people studying Korean you probably have a better chance of getting accepted. All in all, it still seems like a very good program and very generous of them to make studying Korean affordable (providing free classes, housing, food) for so many people. I may apply again next year for the spring semester and in the meantime will continue studying on my own. Their Korean language program runs twice a year in the spring and fall. If you wish to apply, Geumgang University

Study Korean for free at Geumgang University

diciembre 15, 2009

The program requires that you submit a medical test that you don’t have AIDS, as well as an xray. They will not tell you whether you are accepted before you submit the test. A friend submitted everything except for the test and they would not tell. She then got the tests which cost around 100 US dollars and all the results were negative and was then told she was rejected. Since medical tests are not free, it would be nice if they would make the admission conditional on negative test results which is what other programs do so that students don’t have to necessarily spend money.

On the blog of Brian in Jeollanamdo I read that Geumgang University offers free Korean classes. To read more about the program:

II. Program Description
The Korean Language Program is offered twice a year during the spring semester and the fall semester, each of which consists of a 16-week session. Classes are offered at three level: beginner, intermediate and advanced level of proficiency. After successfully completing each level, students will receive a certificate of completion.

A. Levels Offered
(1) Beginner Level
(2) Intermediate Level
(3) Advanced Level
B. Course Duration
(1) Spring session: Starts from March 1st and lasts for 16 weeks.
(2) Fall session: Starts from September 1st and lasts for 16 weeks.
C. Class Schedules
(1) Classes meet four days a week, from Tuesday through Friday.
(2) Korean Cultural classes are offered once a month.
D. Tuition and Scholarships
(1) Tuition is free for all participants in this program.
(2) Participants in this program may receive up to as financial support 200,000 Korean won every month.

Aprende coreano – 공격 (gongyeok) – ataque – attack

septiembre 8, 2009

공격 (gonggyeok) significa ataque.

하다 (hada)- hacer

공격하라 (gonggyeokhara) ataquen es un orden porque 라 (ra) es la terminacion de un orden

가다 (kada)- ir

가라 (kara)- vaya

가라고 (karago)- dije que fuera

라고 (rago)- la terminación de una cita de una persona