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I was rejected by Geumgang University’s Korean language program

enero 14, 2010

A while ago I applied to Geumgang’s Korean language program where you can study Korean for free and they provide dorm housing at no cost as well. I recently found out that I wasn’t accepted to the program. Although they reviewed my application several times, this year they received many more applications than usual. They also take into consideration the country a person is from so if you are from a smaller country where there may not be many people studying Korean you probably have a better chance of getting accepted. All in all, it still seems like a very good program and very generous of them to make studying Korean affordable (providing free classes, housing, food) for so many people. I may apply again next year for the spring semester and in the meantime will continue studying on my own. Their Korean language program runs twice a year in the spring and fall. If you wish to apply, Geumgang University