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고구려는 우리 역사 간도는 우리 땅

julio 23, 2009

고구려는 우리 간도는 우리 땅 – La dinastía Goguryeo es parte de la historia de Corea, Gando es tierra de Corea. – Goguryeo is Korean history, Gando is Korean land. когурио – история кореи. гандо – территория кореи.


We all long for peace in Asia. A peaceful Asia allows us to have calmness and stability in our lives. However, from time to time peace is interrupted due to a failure to resolve conflicts that exist under the surface. Although there are definitely elements of conflict that persist in Asia, some do not yet rise to the surface because of the difference in power among countries, which in this case we may call it a ‘disguised peace.’ A seemingly peaceful situation may actually be a volcano about to erupt. Certainly, conflict among countries should be resolved through diplomatic dialogue, because it shakes the lives of the entire people. Among the many issues that obstruct peace in Asia, such as racial and religious conflict, the issue of Gando (presently the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture) is often overlooked. The Gando issue can be said to be both a territorial and a border issue between Korea and China. However, this issue is not just a matter between the two countries. In the early 20th century, Gando was an area which caught the interests of Korea, China, Russia and Japan. All of these countries have competed over Gando as both a strategic location and a traffic center, in order to hold and expand their influence in the northeast.