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febrero 11, 2010

To register on daum, visit my other post

If you have not registered with a Korean citizenship number or Alien registration number, fax or mail a copy of your passport to the following number in order to be able to join daum cafes.

Fax number:02-2088-3355
제주특별자치도 제주시 노형동 1294-5 현대해상 6층 (주) 다음서비스 우편번호 : 690-709

To contact them via email:

Bing enters Korean market with Daum

diciembre 25, 2009

Occasionally I search for my blog and a few days ago I searched on bing and the url had daum in it. I had previously downloaded daum’s music player and it changed my homepage from naver to daum. So I thought at first it was spyware changing my searches to be daum ones and since my flash drive was infected with a virus and I had received a warning about a virus on my laptop, I scanned my computer for viruses but didn’t find any. Then I read that Microsoft is allied with Daum in Korea. When Bing first launched, they were the first ones to list my blog but now when I search for my blog, I can’t find it anymore. The same thing happened on yahoo; it took them weeks to find my blog and I incorrectly assumed that once they found it, they would continue indexing it but no, my blog has disappeared from yahoo as well. Also if you use yahoo mail and someone writes to you in another language such as Korean or Russian, the emails sometimes appear as broken characters, whereas Korean or Russian emails have always arrived in readable condition on Hotmail. Now google is the only one indexing my blog despite filling out the feedback form over ten times on Naver asking them to add my blog. I also sent feedback to Daum numerous time asking them to add my blog but it still haven’t been indexed. However, Yandex, Russia’s leading search engine has found my blog without my even asking. If you are searching in Russia in Russian, Yandex, is excellent and they even mention South Korea in their about page “Russia is one of the few countries with homegrown world-class internet technologies. Besides Russia, local search engines lead in the US, China, South Korea, and the Czech Republic” Even if you are searching in English for things in Russia, Yandex is much better than other search engines. For instance, I searched for Korean restaurants St Petersburg and on Yandex, it found several but on google Russia it listed restaurants in Florida, USA and in Moscow, Russia. However, if you know Korean, searching in Korean on Naver or Daum gives even better results.

It’s a bit puzzling to me why in South Korea anyone would use Bing even if it is allied with Daum when you can go directly to Daum’s website I think the photos on Bing’s US homepage are nice though so I sometimes go look at those photos and then go back to google for searching for English results or back to Naver or Daum for Korean searches or Yandex for Russia results. However, on the Bing Korea page, there isn’t a nice background photo. You can also go directly to Naver’s website

If you want to look at the Bing Korea website, it’s

How to register for daum

diciembre 18, 2009

How to sign up for daum

1. On the right hand side of the daum main page underneath the space to login, click on 회원가입

2. On the next page click on the first 가입하기 (next to ) 일반 회원 만 14세 이상 개인

3. On the next page click on the checkbox and then click on 다음단계로 which is the blue button

4. On the next page click on the third option 생년월일 and you should see the below options change

이름 (한글/영문대문자) Enter your name ie DOE JANE

성별 남 male 여 female

생년월일 birthdate 년 year 월 month 일 day

Then click on 다음단계로

5. On the next page, enter your cell phone number and click on 인증번호받기 to get a code sent to you. Once you have the code, click on 다음단계로.

6. On the next page enter a username, password, your email address, etc. and you will be registered on daum.