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Travel in Korea iPhone app – addresses with … and cutoff descriptions

diciembre 2, 2009

I downloaded the Travel in Korea iPhone app. Only a limited amount of information is available in the app (only 3 World Heritage sites are listed in the World Heritage Category) and some addresses are illegible. For instance, the Bukchon Hanok Village, the address is listed as Gahoe-dong(or Sa…Jongno-gu) Seoul. Many other addresses also have dots in them so I’m not sure how we are supposed to find out the address. Other items have descriptions that are cutoff such as Gyeongbokgung Palace which is described as “Built to serve as the royal manor for King Taejo, the founder and first king of the Joseon Dynasty, Gyeongbokgung is foremost a Jeonngung palace (principal residence and executive branch of the King); and as such, of all the five palaces, Gyeongbokgung is non-parell in its aesthetics and scope. Because of its rather northern location, when compared to” If you already have an iPhone rather than downloading the iPhone app, it’s probably better to visit the KTO website because it has more information. However, be sure to visit it only in IE. If you visit it using Firefox you will see that on some pages do not show up correctly such as the Drama Film Locations page; the names of the various dramas are pushed way over to the right side.

Review of the Canon Powershot A570 IS

diciembre 2, 2009

I would not recommend the Canon Powershot A570 IS. It requires two double AA batteries and unless you buy lithium batteries, regular batteries will only last a day. A month after purchasing the camera, I found out that it was defective because when I looked through the viewfinder, everything was black and my pictures came out black as well. Fortunately it was covered under the warranty and I was able to send it back and get it repaired. From researching the problem on the internet, this is a very common problem but when I called Canon at first they wanted me to pay for the repair even though I had only had it a month and it was known problem with that camera. Only after pointing that out and talking to a supervisor did they agree to repair it for free. Picture quality is very bad; many of my photos come out very dark even in the middle of the day and my camera phone takes better pictures for closeup things such as if I want to take a photo of something in a book, etc. I’ve tried taking photos of menus, things in books and with the Powershot they always come out very blurry. Also after taking a picture I have to wait about five seconds before I can take the next photo. It also asks me for the date every time I turn it on, even though I’ve already set it numerous times. I’m extremely disappointed in this camera and am going to purchase another camera but it won’t be a Canon.

aprende coreano – 괜찮아요 – está bien

diciembre 2, 2009

괜찮다 – estar bien

En un restorante coreano, por lo general con tu comida siempre dan banchan 반찬 y muchas veces si comes todo, te dan más banchan o te preguntan si quieres más. Por ejemplo, si ya comiste todo el kimchi 김치, muchas veces te dan más. Si no quieres que te den más banchan lo mejor es siempre dejar un poco en el plato. A veces te preguntan si quieres más de algo, por ejemplo más kimchi. Si no quieres, es mejor no decir no sino 괜찮아요 (estoy, estamos bien).

Irkutsk, Russia

noviembre 24, 2009

Letrero (en ruso) de un restarante y sauna coreano llamade Seul en Irkutsk / Sign in Russia for a Korean restaurant and sauna called Seoul in Irkutsk

Comida mongoliana y té mongoliano/ Mongolian food and tea

Korean Air, Asiana Airlines – no free stopovers in Seoul

noviembre 22, 2009

Neither Korean Air, nor Asiana Airlines offer free stopovers in Seoul unlike other airlines such as Iceland Air or Emirates which allow you to stop over for free for up to three nights in their home airport. Previously when traveling to Singapore on Asiana and connecting through Seoul, I had asked about stopping over in Seoul for a few days and they told me no. A good way to increase tourism to South Korea would be to allow people flying on Korean airlines to stopover for a few days at no extra charge so that they could become familiar with the capital and possibly come back on future vacations.

Sysmaya deja de robar cosas de mi blog y deja de mandarme spam

noviembre 20, 2009

Hace unos meses busque mi blog por internet y me di cuenta de que hay un sitio llamado sysmaya que robas blogs publicados en castellano y publican el blog entero en su sitio y eso es malo porque luego la gente si buscan algo puede ir a ese sitio y leer todo ahi. Aparte es malo porque sysmaya no tiene los caracteres coreanos y mis comentarios parecen mal. Le escribi varias veces y les pedi que quitara mi blog de su sitio pero nunca me respondieron. Tal vez fue un error contactarlos porque ahora me anadieron a su lista de spam y a cada rato recibo spam de ellos.

Para prevenir que sitios como sysmaya roban cosas de su blog, adjusten los settings del blog para que solo parte es visible en el feed.

Sysmaya una vez que quites todos mis articulos, quitaré este articulo; me avisas mandandome un email o haciendo un comentario.

Sysmaya stop spamming me and stealing posts from my blog

noviembre 20, 2009

A while ago while searching for my blog, I found that a website called sysmaya is indexing blogs in Spanish and then publishing the entire post on their website, presumably to make money off of clicks. I wrote several emails to them asking them to remove my blog from their indexing and to remove any posts from my blog on their website and never heard back from them. It was probably a mistake to email them because now I’ve been added to their email list and am receiving spam from them.

To prevent sites such as sysmaya from stealing things from your blog, adjust the settings of your blog so that only part of your post is visible in the feed. This will ensure that other websites will link part of your post to your blog so that it will also receive traffic.

Naver music player

noviembre 20, 2009

I installed the Naver Music Player to listen to some Korean songs. The player seems designed only for people with a very fast internet connection which of course is not an issue in South Korea. However, for people living outside of South Korea even for ones with a fast internet connection and especially for people for slow internet connections, we are unable to listen to music because it isn’t fully downloaded when we try to listen to it. While playing the song, the black line indicates, how much has downloaded and once the play button arrives at the black line, then it returns to the beginning of the song, where it starts downloading it again. On non Korean sites if you have a slow internet connection and want to listen to music, you can press the pause button and wait for the entire song to have downloaded and then play it. However, with the Naver music player, if you press pause it doesn’t continue downloading so there is no way to wait say five minutes or ten or twenty and then listen to the song. Furthermore, even for people with the Korean language pack installed, if you are an English version of IE or Windows, then the artist name and album name appear as gibberish.

Moscow, Russia

noviembre 8, 2009

russia 471

russia 476

russia 496

russia 497

Books about Korea

octubre 20, 2009

A book called “So Far From the Bamboo Grove” by Yoko Kawashima is historically inaccurate, but it is on the required reading list of thousands of schools through the United States. The book suggests that Koreans treated the Japanese cruelly during World War II. The reality is that Japan occupied Korea from 1910-1945 and attempted to eliminate Korean culture by forcing Koreans to take Japanese names, practice a Japanese religion and prohibited Korean from being spoken. The Japanese also forced women to be sexual slaves, forced Koreans to be human test subjects for liquid nitrogen tests or their biological weapons development program. They also stole over 75,000 cultural artifacts from Korea during this time and killed at least 20 million Asians including Chinese, Koreans.

To learn more about this period, I recommend the following books:

Under the Black Umbrella: Voices from Coloina Korea 1910-1945 by Hilda Kang

Year of Impossible Goodbyes by Sook Nyul Choi

A Brief History of Korea by Hyoung Sik Shin

When My Name Was Keoko by Linda Sue Park

If you cannot find these books in your local or school library, please consider donating some.