Volunteer Opportunities in Gwangju

Volunteer opportunites in Gwangju

1. Sung Bin Orphanage – Volunteer on Sat from 1:30-3 PM


Long term volunteers who can volunteer two Sat. a month are preferred.

It seems like a good organization and I am thinking about volunteering with them; however, when I asked about volunteering during the week, the guy said that it would be better to volunteer on Saturdays at first and then maybe in March switch to volunteering during the week. However, usually on the weekends I like to go hiking or snowboarding and whle I would like to volunteer it would be preferable to volunteer in the morning, so that I could still do my activities. It seems to be good for people who like to sleep in on the weekend though. So I will probably continue looking for other places to volunteer during the week and will then post them. I’m a bit curious to know what life is like for the orphans and was told that during the week they’re usually busy and I had assumed was because they were busy working but it is because they are lessons such as tae kwon do or music, etc lessons. I was quite surprised to hear that as previously I had volunteered with children in Mexico and they were from poor families and when not in school, mostly they were working and many time they could not go to school because they had to earn a living. So it was encouraging to find out that although the orphans have a difficult life, they’re not forced to work and can attend school and after school activities.

2. Gwangju News Magazine


Gwangju International Center needs volunteers to mail out Gwangju News once a month.


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