Review of Easy English

I looked briefly at the Easy English book which seems to be a popular book to learn English and saw many grammatical mistakes or simply odd uses of English that would never be used by native speakers.

The books attempts to explain certain phrases by using the phrases in a conversation. One of the phrases is “Put together” and the sample sentence is “Sit straight and put your legs together.” While grammatically correct, this is a very awkward sounding sentence and it’s unlikely a native speaker would say something like that.

Another word is 곧 soon and the example is “Be back soon. I don’t want to stay here all by myself” and the other person responds “Don’t worry. It won’t take long.” This is also an odd use of English. It would be better for the first person to say “Come back soon” Be back soon (I’ll be back soon) would be something that the person who is leaving would say although in this conversation given what the first person has said, it wouldn’t make sense.

Another example of bad English is “Man, Aunt Velma always seems in a bad mood” rather than “Man, Aunt Velma always seems TO BE in a bad mood”

Other examples are things that three year olds might say but not anyone older. The first person says “You’re leaving so much dust on these” and the second person responds “Am not” Phrases such as “Am Not” “Are too” are phrases usually used by children. It would be better to say “I am not” or “No, I am not”.

Another example is “The house is a mess” and the other person responds “I know. And the family is coming in a weekend” “In a weekend” is an extremely odd phrase and it’s likely the speaker meant to say “for the weekend.” Also it usually best not to start sentences with “and”.

There are many other examples of bad grammar, awkward phrases, etc in that book. Although almost all books, have some mistakes, the number of mistakes in that book is overwhelming. If you are trying to learn English, it would be better to learn from a different book.

In future posts, I will be reviewing other books for learning English so that readers can learn from good ones.



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